Radiology and Laboratory Diagnostics

Effective diagnostics rely on skilled veterinary professionals, and the proper diagnostic equipment like x-rays and laboratory analyzers. These tools provide vital information on the state of your pet’s health. When your pet is sick, answers are needed quickly in order to hasten treatment and recovery. Town & Country Veterinary Hospital can perform xrays and many in-house laboratory tests to monitor health issues or aid in illness diagnosis for your animal friend.

Digital Radiology

All x-rays at Town & Country are digital, which is state-of-the-art in radiology technology. Digital images provide clear, high quality x-rays that can be manipulated to provide detailed views. Our doctors will review all radiographs taken, but your pet’s x-rays will also be read by a board-certified radiologist who has advanced training, skill, and experience in x-ray interpretation.

We are pleased to also offer digital dental x-rays to help diagnose any dental issues your pet may have. Our in-house digital dental unit allows instant x-ray results that allows us do appropriate treatments like filling cavities or extracting abcessed teeth while your pet is at the hospital having a dental procedure.

Laboratory Diagnostics

Our in-house laboratory capability includes blood chemistry, electrolyte, and complete blood count analyzers which allows us to quickly assess your pet for signs of illness, and also to perform many follow-up monitoring blood tests. For routine labs, or specialized tests, we will often send them to our network of trusted outside laboratories. We also work with a number of veterinary university laboratories that can perform more specific diagnostic tests if your pet has a more complex health issue.

Dr Lisa Mason at the microscope