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Wellness Care

At Town & Country Veterinary Hospital we are committed to the concept of wellness. So many diseases can be avoided or minimized with preventative treatment and early detection.  Early treatment is typically less invasive, less costly, and often helps your pet feel better more quickly.  Our doctors give thorough nose-to-tail physical examinations at each visit and make recommendations that will help keep your pet happy and healthy.  We also provide wellness programs that monitor your pet for the onset of illnesses commonly seen for their age and/or breed.

Annual Exams Are Important

While 12 months fly by for us, it’s a significant amount of time for your pet. Our pets age faster than us, so one year can make a big difference in your animal’s health.  Your 6 year old dog may still feel like your baby, but he’s already middle-aged!

We will want to evaluate your pet’s health at least once a year, with increasing frequency as he or she ages.  Blood and other lab tests may be run, since they provide clues as to how the body and its internal systems are functioning.

What to Expect at Your Pet’s Annual Exam

  • A thorough physical examination (eyes, ears, skin and coat condition, heart, lungs, abdomen, joints, muscles, lumps/bumps, etc)
  • Weight and nutrition assessment
  • Vaccination updates
  • Dental assessment
  • Other tests that may be indicated (heartworm/blood parasite tests, blood profile tests, fecal parasite tests, etc.)

Pet Vaccinations

Our staff and veterinarians will help you determine which vaccinations are appropriate for your particular pet.  We will assess your pet’s individual needs according to age, health conditions, risk assessment for certain diseases, and outdoor adventuring you share with your pet.  We will then tailor vaccines for your pet to ensure that they are fully protected.

For those who prefer minimal vaccinations, or for pets with medical problems that dictate limited vaccinations we will work with you to provide appropriate annual vaccination titer testing.

Internal and External Parasite Control

Dangerous parasites are always a threat to your pet.  If brought into your home, these parasites can also be passed from your pet to you and your family.  Hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms can infect members of your household.  Fleas and ticks brought home by pets will occasionally bite people as well as their host pets.

Regular fecal checks and deworming are the best way to prevent parasitic disease in animals, and the transmission of parasites from pets to people.  It also prevents the passing of parasite eggs, which contaminate yards, parks, playgrounds, dog parks, and any place your pet defecates.  Regular flea and tick preventatives not only prevent the itching and irritation caused by these pests, but prevents the transmission of many dangerous diseases.

We will assess your pet’s health status, lifestyle, and parasite risks to help design a parasite control program that will keep your animal companion and your household protected.